Igor Cuny, le Napoleon du sprint

La squadra francese di Rollerski è una delle protagoniste della coppa del mondo, dei campionati mondiali e europei. Vincent Vittoz è campione del mondo nel 2002 a Cervinia, per fare un esempio, lo scorso anno la staffetta sprint francese ha colto due secondi posti, dietro la nostra strana coppia Alfio di Gregorio e Emanuele Sbabo, e sul podio c’era proprio lui “le Napoleon du sprint” Igor Cuny.

Un palmares di assoluto rilievo, per uno dei grandi dello sprint di coppa del mondo: il francese è

secondo nello sprint dei campionati europei a Yaroslav (russia), quarto ai Mondiali 2005 a La Tremblade battuto nella finalina da Emanuele Sbabo. E’ senz’altro il migliore in casa, dove ha vinto numerosi titoli nazionali di Rollerski.

Anche i francesi partecipano alla Coppa del Mondo mettendo il cuore oltre l’ostacolo: ci ricordiamo i galletti col  materasso dentro la macchina a Markleeberg, che si facevano la colazione da campo, sul campo di gara. Ma, forse, è anche questo che rende lo skiroll uno sport unico, irripetibile e irresistibile.

Sentiamo cosa ha da raccontarci il professor Cuny

Bonjour mon ami, how are you?

Buongiorno, I’m fine, thank you. The cross country ski season was quite good for me, and now after a break of one month I’m training for cycling and soon for rollerski.

The story of your life, past, present and future:

I grew up in La Bresse, in mountains called “Les Vosges”, east of France, close to Nancy and Strasbourg. I started with cross country ski competitions when I was 8 years old, and every winter I do a cross country ski season. I think it’s very important for rollerski, in a physical and technical way. Now it’s a little bit more difficult for three years, because I’m working as a sport teacher close to Paris...where there is no snow, and where it’s totally flat!! But I don’t want to stop cross country ski competitions, so in winter I do a lot of travels to compete, in Les Vosges, or in worldloppet, like Transjurassienne, or this year Marcialonga. And in summer I do a lot of training in cycling, with some competitions, or in musculation.

In future I would like to come back close to my birth place, but it’s not so easy, as a sport teacher in France you can’t chose where you work, when it’s the beginning you often have to go in places like Paris...so let’s see!!

Tell us all the news about France Rollerski team, what’s your race program? Who will compete for France Team in 2009, There will be some new entry?

For this summer, I know that Nicolas Perrier, Guillaume Denardin and me are very motivated to be present on a maximum of competitions. It’s not easy, because as you know, the French ski federation don’t help us, so we have to pay everything from our own.

Maybe Nicolas will be in Oroslavje, but I think the beginning of the world cup season will be in Markleeberg for Guillaume and me. I think that Nicolas’s objectives will be the overall world cup, for Guillaume and me it will be the sprints, the mass starts, and of course the team sprints and the relays (everything except the uphills!!)

Guillaume Berhault will maybe be absent this summer, because of his studies; he will leave France for two months in Canada. Maybe he will join us for the last part of the season.

Maybe a new racer of Les Vosges will come with us to take part to some world cups, but probably not for the whole season. It’s a good junior in cross country ski. My sister, who also competes too in cross country ski, will maybe come to take part to some competitions.

Every year the sprinters in rollerski are more, younger and stronger, what’s your feeling about the f.i.s. plan for rollerski? And what do you thing about Italian Rollerski team?

Indeed, every year the sprinters are faster and faster, particulary this year, with Ragnar Andresen and Glauco Pizzuto, who are very fast! But let’s see, I will try to train hard to expect being as good as them. And the olders, like Glushkov, or the Italian team, is very strong too! So it’s going to be hard this summer I think.

About the Italian team, I just think that it’s the best one!! You are a very big team, with strong racers everywhere, in uphills, mass starts, and particulary sprints! And I don’t forget that last year, we were 2nd (with Guillaume Denardin) in the two team sprints of the season, everytime behind Italy! So this year, I hope we will manage to beat you...;-)

Everytime we came in France for W.C. races, we saw beautiful races, with a lot of spectators (also more than one thousands people along the race track), do you remember for example Villard des Lans, Roller Transjurassiene, so, do you thing we will come again in the future? Which are the main races in france in 2009?

I don’t know a lot of things about the races in France, because it’s the federation and the towns who decide to organize competitions. I know that my town, La Bresse, who has organised the French championships two years ago, would like to organize maybe a world cup for the next years...but nothing is sure now.

I think it’s a bad thing that there is no more competitions in France, because as you said, there were a lot of people all around the track, and competitors could compete on nice tracks, like in Villard de Lans, La Transroller, or in la Tremblade....so I hope too that we will come back in these places in the future!

For this summer, I know that there is the French championships in Vallouise (south oh the Alps), at the end of August.