L’intervista al Ridge Forrester dello skiroll: il Norvegese Andresen Ragnar Bragvin

E’ il bello dello skiroll, insieme a Emanuele Sbabo, fa impazzire le ragazzine e le signore di una certa età con la sua mascellona da attore di soap-opera.

Ma che cosa sappiamo di più dell’unico atleta non italiano che ha saputo vincere la Coppa del Mondo di Skiroll nel 2008 (cat. Junior)? Che è’ velocissimo, un grande sprinter, in perenne sfida con il nostro Folco Pizzutto. E che quest’anno debutta nella coppa del mondo assoluta senior. E come potete leggere nell’intervista, vuole entrarci alla grande, con un ruolo da protagonista, vuole subito vincere: soprattutto nello sprint di casa, dove lo aspettano 10.000 spettatori, e tutti i nazionali di sci di fondo scandinavi.

Lo aspettano anche sfide mozzafiato con i mostri sacri dello sprint, gente come il campione iridato 2007 Alessio Berlanda, il vincitore della Coppa del Mondo 2008 Emanuele Sbabo, l’argento iridato 2007 David Bogatec, e per finire lui, il grande Igor Glouchov, che quando Andresen  nasceva festeggiava con un bicchiere da bibita colmo di vodka il ventesimo compleanno…..

La norvegia cresce e investe nello skiroll, cerchiamo di saperne qualcosina di più….

Dear Andresen, we don’t know nothing about you, only that you are very speed with Rollerski,  but the first question is about your life in Norway, about your family, about your girl-friend, about your job….tell us what you want about you

- I grew up in Sarpsborg, a city 90 km south from Oslo. My father learned my two brothers and me to enjoy physical activity when we were small kids. My sister stopped competing quite early, but she still likes to use her skis in the holidays.

Were I grew up, there is usually no snow. That made rollerskis a natural part of the training, even during the winter. Lucky for me, since I love rollerskiing!

I started at Hovden Ski Gymnas when I was finished with the elementary school. Hovden is an excellent place to stay during the junior time. My trainer at the first year is now the sprint trainer for the Estonian national team. I learned everything that I know about training during the three years at the ski gymnasium. It was my coach for the two last years at the ski gymnasium, Ove Erik Tronvoll who wanted me to start to compete at rollerskis. I’m very thankful for that! Tronvoll took part in two world championships in rollerskiing in the beginning of 2000.

Today I live in Oslo and compete for Njard. I study part time at the university in Oslo. I only study part time so I can get enough time for the sport.

Tell us something about your training program, how many hours in a week, and who’s your trainer?

-My training has been a little bit different from normal the last years, because of my knee injury. I will have an operation in my knee April 22, I can not train 100% in 4 -6 weeks after that. I hope I can be ready to the opening of the World Cup, July 3 in Croatia.

I train around 20 hours in a normal hard training week, around 15 hours in a medium week and 10 hours in an easy week. My training is like: one week medium, one week hard, one week easy, one week medium, one week hard, easy, medium, hard…..

I use to have 2 high intensity workouts a week, 2 workouts at the gym with weights and a lot of more...

who support you in Rollerski F.I.S. World Cup, the ski federation, the sponsor, your family, the Swedish team, yourself……

-We have to finance our participations in the F.I.S. World Cup by our own. My personal sponsors are therefore extremely important for me. I could not manage it without them. The financial support they give me is an important factor for my career. My parents always help me if I need anything.

The Swedish and the Norwegian people are like “brothers”. The Swedish rollerskiteam has always been helpful to us Norwegians out on the World Cups and championships. They have a bigger team than us and have more knowledge about the sport. We are them thankful.

Within short time my homepage will be up and go. www.ragnarbragvin.com

some words about rollerski in Norway, this year we will come for the first time for a World Cup competition in your country…..

-Markus Moe and I have created Norway RollerskiTeam this winter. We are a team of five athletes who will take part in this summers world cups. And we are 12 athletes who’s ready for the world championship. The most of them are athletes with medals from national championships in xc-skiing.

This year World Cup in Kristiansund will be a big happening and probably one of the best world cups ever.

The organisers expects 10 000 audiences at the sprint and the mass start. Take a look at www.toppidrettsveka.no for more information. The rollerski specialists will get the chance to compete against the Norwegian, Swedish and the Finish national xc-ski athletes.

I’m looking forward to compete against the rollerski specialists home in Norway.

The rollerski sport is growing in Norway and the Norwegian ski federation have started to make plans for the future of the sport in Norway. Maybe it will be an official National team in 2010 or 2011?

If you are interested in rollersports news from Norway, you can follow www.rollersports.no  from June 1.

this year you will run in senior category, what’s your goal in 2009?

-My main goal for 2009 is the sprint at the world cup in Norway, and top three at the sprint and the relay at the world championship in Piglio. I also hope I can be able to fight for the overall title in the World cup. 

do you want to say something to your friends Alessio Berlanda, Emanuele Sbabo, David Bogatec, Igor Glouchov, Folco Pizzutto?

-I’m looking forward the see them all after a long winter. Hope the winter training has been good. Train hard!

Thank you very much for your time Andresen and good luck for your life and for your rollerski season.